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Sculpture with Renowned Artist Alix Beale

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Alix runs two classes during the school term for anyone wanting to try their hand at working in clay.
These groups are open to anyone and there is a good mix of new and experienced sculptors. Working with the help of a life model students train their hand eye co -ordination and observational skills. Time is also spent exploring other approaches working from imagination or drawing on inspiration of the masters to create unique and personal works. Students have gone on to sell their work within exhibitions and the local Art Trail
" It is my favorite day of the week "
" My expectations have been more than fulfilled, my aim was to have the confidence to tackle anything and with your wonderful teaching have achieved this . "

Sculpt with Alix

Mondays 10am -2pm
Wednesdays 10am-2pm
Term dates on request

To book or to find out more information on Sculpting with Alix call 01243 514247 or email